Safety Standards

Richards Excavating employs policies regarding the safe operation of its employees and equipment for all operations and locations. All safety policies and procedures comply with current OSHA standards specific to those tasks/operations, additional safety policies are used for any task that is identified to be hazardous or specific locations where either the location or the operations are noted to cause a specific hazard. Richards Excavating works with all parties to incorporate their specific safety goals and requirements into their operations to insure compliance with more stringent safety regulations and insure the safety of its employees. Some of the General Policies regarding safety are:
  • Health and Safety – OSHA 1910.38
    • Written Safety Program
    • New Hire Safety Orientation
    • Supervisor Training
    • Pre-Job Safety Hazard Analysis
    • Work Period Safety Briefings
    • Accident Investigations
  • Hazard Communications (Chemical Safety) – OSHA 1910.1200
  • Hazardous Material Worker Safety/Training – OSHA 1910.120
  • Confined Space (Permit Required) – OSHA 1910.146
  • Excavating – OSHA 1926.650
  • Fall Protection – OSHA 1926.500
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety – OSHA 1910.241
  • Lockout / Tagout – OSHA 1910.147
  • Personal Protective Equipment – OSHA 1926.95-107
Richards Excavating incorporates Safety Requirements of its Employers/Contractors to insure that it is always in compliance with the most stringent safety requirements and keeping its employees and other contractors safe.